[jcifs] Issue listing "smb://"

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 18:59:06 GMT 2004


Attached is a (possibly irrelevant) update to SmbFile; this addresses
an issue I'm seeing in one of my environments.  Basically, the query
for __MSBROWSE__ fails, so doing a listFiles on 'smb://' gives an
UnknownHostException; I'm assuming this is maybe due to a Win2k-only
environment?  In any case, the attached catches the
UnknownHostException, and falls back to doing a NetServerEnum domain
enumeration against the domain specified in "jcifs.smb.client.domain".

This may be a non-issue (i.e., just something flaky I'm doing); I'm
not familiar enough with the browsing arena to say for sure.  It does
work in other environments, though, and the "pure" Win2k scenario is
the only thing I could think of off the top of my head.  Any thoughts?

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