[jcifs] Re: Using jCIFS with TomCat mod_jk on Sun One Web Server as a Proxy Server

stevendunn at btconnect.com stevendunn at btconnect.com
Thu Jul 8 22:27:11 GMT 2004

Hi All,


Thanks for your help on this issue. I can happily report that it is now 
resolved. The application we were using was originally certifed against,
One 6.0 Service Pack 5

We decided to try the filters/our App with Sun One 6.1 Service Pack 2. 
Everything worked first time. (lesson  being when in doubt, try the latest 
version of each component you are using. At least isolate each component).

See the following notes from the Sun Site.



See the following notes


Sun ONE Web Server does not always honor a keep-alive request from a

The following conditions cause the server to close a connection, even if
client has requested a keep-alive connection: 


KeepAliveTimeout is set to 0. 

MaxKeepAliveConnections count is exceeded. 

Dynamic content, such as a CGI, does not have an HTTP content-length header

set. This applies only to HTTP/1.0 requests. If the request is HTTP/1.1,
server honors keep-alive requests even if the content-length is not set.
server can use chunked encoding for these requests if the client can handle

them (indicated by the request header transfer-encoding: chunked). For more

information about chunked encoding, see the Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 NSAPI 
Programmer?s Guide.

Request is not HTTP GET or HEAD. 

The request was determined to be bad. For example, if the client sends only

headers with no content.

The fact is with that version even if you had it set it didn't work.

Anyway, problem solved.


S Dunn

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