[jcifs] Using jCIFS with TomCat mod_jk on Sun One Web Server as a Proxy Server

Steven Dunn stevendunn at btconnect.com
Mon Jul 5 16:53:24 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I Posted a message here last week based on a problem I was having. I've had no 
comments back from anyone about this.

Basically, We use Sun One as a proxy/load balance Web Server where we have a 
mod_jk (nsapi_redirector.so) configured in Sun One 6.0 SP5 to forward requests 
to a TomCat 4.1.18 application using jCIFS NTLM filters on a Solaris Server to 
authenticate incoming requests.

I've have a number of problems, 
getting it to work with Sun One. Unfortunately, the choice of web server. can't 
be changed.

Has anyone successfully, used mod_jk with Sun One Web Server + jCIFS NTLM Http 
Filters. At the moment, I not sure what else to configure.

I'd appreciate some guidance on this.


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