[jcifs] Authentication problem using NTLMHttpFilter with jcifs 0.9.5

Holger Hartmann Holger.Hartmann at abaxx.de
Mon Jul 5 07:54:56 GMT 2004

i use the the NTLMHttpFilter in Version 0.8.3 with jcifs property
jcifs.http.domainController = and it all worked very well.
After upgrading to release 0.9.5 i get an authentication error with my
I examined the logfile (with property -Djcifs.util.log=ALL in 0.8.3 and
-Djcifs.util.loglevel=10 in 0.9.5) and
the only difference i can see is that in 0.9.5 i have the following
treeConnect: unc=\\\IPC$,service=?????
sessionSetup: accountName=myAccount,primaryDomain=myDomain
treeConnect: unc=\\\IPC$,service=?????
sessionSetup: accountName=GUEST,primaryDomain=?
In contrast the 0.8.3 ouput is as following:
Jul 5 09:29:24.625 - smb tree connect warning
 requesting tree connect with unc=\\\IPC$,service=?????
Jul 5 09:29:24.625 - smb session setup warning
 requesting session with accountName=myAccount,primaryDomain=myDomain
Jul 5 09:29:24.640 - smb sent
Why does jcifs try to authenticate as user GUEST with Version 0.9.5 ?
Any hints ?
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