[jcifs] AIX DFS and jCIS 0.8

Derrick Williams derrick at derrickwilliams.com
Tue Jan 20 21:32:41 GMT 2004


I am new to the list and I hope I am not asking anything dumb - if I am please 
point me to the right place to RTFM! I am new to SAMBA and DFS, so my skills 
are not in-depth as I'd like.

I am interested in knowing if anyone has used the DFS features of jCIS 0.8 on 
IBM's AIX system. I wrote a small application a while ago using jCIS over 
SAMBA networks to automate some repetitive and boring file transfer tasks. My 
application works like a charm, and I'm interested in putting my code on an 
AIX server to do something similar with a DFS system.

What is being done now currently by the unix guys is the 'dce_login' command 
is used to log into a DFS cell, and files are manually sent. Would jCIS be 
able to automate these kinds of tasks? Are there any changes I'd need to make 
in my code written now for SMB? Or is it all transparent and I don't need to 
do anything special? I will have access to an AIX system sometime soon and am 
wondering if what I want to do is possible, or if I misunderstand the release 

Sorry if it is a basic question, I appreciate your time!


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