SV: [jcifs] NTLM v2 - Howto ?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Mon Jan 19 21:19:06 GMT 2004

Frederik Heick said:
> Isnt "LMCompatibilityLevel" something you use if you want to be
> campatibel to old LANMANAGER clients such as OS2 and Windows 3.11
> Is this relevant to NTLM version 2. ??

No. See MS' website. Changing LMCompatibilityLevel is how your IT people
are going to restrict all users to NTLMv2. Depending on the setting they
use jCIFS might still work because it implements LMv2.

Just fwd this message and ask them what value they're going to use. Then
use regedit to set this on a workstation. Then try the ListFiles example
on that workstation. If it works, you might also want to look at a packet
capture to confirm that it's working. Oh, and you might need to change the
analygous setting in jCIFS. See the API overview page.


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