[jcifs] Quick jCIFS doco question.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Mon Jan 12 01:10:43 GMT 2004

From the jCIFS javadoc:

  If this property is true , the socket that jCIFS uses will wait for a
  fraction of a second to collect several messages for more efficient
  transmission in one packet. This sets the setTcpNoDelay for the NetBIOS
  socket to true. By default Java sockets and the jCIFS client do not delay;
  the default value is false.

That seems backward.  If TCP_NODELAY is set (true) then there should be, er,
"no delay".  From the Linux TCP(7) man page:

              Turn the Nagle algorithm off. This means that pack­
              ets are always sent as  soon  as  possible  and  no
              unnecessary  delays  are introduced, at the cost of
              more packets in the  network.  Expects  an  integer
              boolean flag.

I'd like to spend some time copyediting the javadoc.  Could that get me into
trouble?   ;)  ;)  ;)

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