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Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Jan 7 23:02:23 GMT 2004

No fees.

Making a donation of hardware or software to the project would be 
appreciated but
  a) we've never had any such donations and are not set up for them yet.
  b) we don't really expect them.

That all said, the next thing is "read the license"--which is the LGPL.

The LGPL allows you to charge a fee when you distribute our software.  
That's not a problem.  Think of Red Hat or SuSE.  The requirement is only 
that you make the source code *for the LGPL code itself* available to your 
customers so that they can modify it, update it, etc.  You are not 
required to make source for your own (separate) code available.

The key issue here is that your customers have the right to see the jCIFS 
source.  Also, if you ship with (for example) jCIFS 0.7.2 your customers 
should be able to update that to the current rev. if they choose.

That's a very quick overview.  Hope it helps.

Sorry for the broken links.  I've been negligent in getting the server
situation fixed.

Chris -)-----

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 02:31:20PM -0800, Jammy_Pate at NAI.com wrote:
> I have a licensing issue.  I am planning on including JCIFS in an
> application that I sell.  I'm just including the binaries and not
> modifying and code inside JCIFS.
> Any pointers or documentation would be helpful.  The licensing link
> seems to be broken at the moment.
> I'm sure my company would be fine with paying a small fee if necessary.
> Thanks
> Jammy

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