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SAlappatt at unicacorp.com SAlappatt at unicacorp.com
Tue Jan 6 18:33:13 GMT 2004

I am currently using jcifs filter and it works great except for the 
occassional stack  trace of the closed socket connection.

Currently I use jcifs 0.7.3 which has a link from the filter page.

While reading through the list I found that some of the later versions 
where supposed to have corrected the issue of stack trace.

But my problem is that the latest versions both 0.8.0b and 0.7.17  does 
not work in my environment because of packet signing issues.(We have a 
Windows 2003 server which has packet signing turned on to REQUIRED).

Is there a way I can get the latest versions to work for the NTLM 
authentication with the Win2003 server which requires packet signing...?

Is there a version that does not spit out the stack trace but has no 
issues with signing?..

Should I stick with the 0.7.3 which works fine except for the benign stack 
trace .

I use jdk1.3 and Weblogic7.0

Thanks in advance for any advice/help?

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