[jcifs] using jgss with spnego for SSO

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Jan 1 10:52:39 GMT 2004

> Hi,
>       Kudos for the jcifs team for the NTLMFilter... It was great to have
> the filter working with such a simple setup.. I was wondering if it is
> worth trying to do the same with the SPNEGO and JGSS Api in jdk 1.4.

I believe Eric did explore this a little and at one point posted some code. But I
don't believe it was "serious" and he never mentioned it again.

> Especially the spnego token exchange part . There seems to be only one
> public API to do it ..unfortunately it is in c provided by microsoft. Has
> anybody tried or even considered to try it in Java?....I am about  to try
> to do it...but I wanted to know if there is anybody who could give me some
> pointers...

I know wedgetail.com has done a lot of work in the area of SSO including SPNEGO
(although I believe they actually use jCIFS code for one reason or another).

Personally I've never even looked at it. Eric figured out all the NTLM details.


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