[jcifs] Problems with certain clients using NTLM filter

Alfie Kirkpatrick Alfie.Kirkpatrick at ioko.com
Tue Feb 17 11:05:13 GMT 2004

I posted a problem I was having a while back authenticating at all with
WinXP/IE6. Mike you started to help me track it down but I've been
distracted by other work. I had a chance to do some more digging today
and can confirm a couple of things. This is using 0.8.0b1, and the
filter in web.xml using the following settings:

        <filter-name>NTLM HTTP Authentication Filter</filter-name>



(my ActionFilter is the same as the standard one just with more logging)

- Got someone else in our office with Win2k/IE5.5 and they couldn't

- Tested access from clean build Win2k/IE5.5 client and it authenticated

- Patched to Win2k SP4, still ok

- Installed IE6 (from Windows Update) plus all critical updates, still

- Tried on three other XP machines in office and all authenticated fine

I'm struggling to find a pattern in this...! I attach the following:

	Trace from a failed Win2k/IE5.5 conversation - displays login
box, no attempt made to login

	Trace from a successful conversation - displays homepage

Any help much appreciated, let me know if I can help with any more

Best regards, Alfie.

M: +44 (0) 7810 552466
E: alfie.kirkpatrick at ioko.com

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