[jcifs] Re: ACL class?

Mike Reynolds reynolds at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 12 17:29:19 GMT 2004

Michael Reynolds <reynolds <at> u.washington.edu> writes:

> Any thought given to writing a class for dealing with NTFS object ACL's?
> The project looks like a nice one, but I do have a need for viewing ACL's of
> NTFS objects from Tomcat on Linux, would be nice not to have to
> screen-scrape smbclient results
> Mike Reynolds
> University of Washington Libraries ITS

Hmmm, no responses yet.  Perhaps a follow-up: is that fact that Microsoft-style 
security descriptors are so specific to Microsoft OS's mean that there is 
unlikely to be interest from this group in implementing a NT security 
descriptor class?

I know, I know -- "Well, go write one!"  The thing is, I'm no C programmer.  
It'd probably take me six months to even get decent at this, and my boss needs 
me to get real work done.  If something isn't soon coming down the pike, I'll 
just go with scraping output from smbclient command-line tool.

BTW, a specific outline of how NT security descriptor could be done is in the 
SNIA CIFS spec, http://www.snia.org/tech_activities/CIFS/CIFS-TR-1p00_FINAL.pdf 
in section 4.5.2 and 4.5.3.

This is a real nice project, good luck to you folks working on it.

--Mike Reynolds
  University of Washington Libraries ITS

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