[jcifs] JCIFS 0.9 Objectives

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 10:24:30 GMT 2004

> This is a bummer. I really liked the simplified documentation..

See attached; this is pretty close.  I couldn't figure out how to stop it from
generating the package list, so it's not exactly the same as before.  But it
does just generate documentation for the specified list of files.

> Looks like it works to me. I change the cr= attribute to eol="crlf" or
> eol="lf". The cr attr was depricated.

Yes; I wasn't sure what version of Ant to baseline it against, so I went with
1.3 (which is pretty old); "eol" was added in 1.4, I think.  Shouldn't be a
problem; I doubt anyone is seriously using 1.3 anyways (my apologies to the
rabid Ant 1.3 crowd).

> Yes, this is the kind of thing I'll be trying to normalize. I already
> added the jcifs.util.Encdec class for this purpose.

Ah, so I see.

> On a related note, I like your Buffer.java technique in Jarapac and the
> RAP code. I will look at exploring that closer but I didn't put it on the
> list because it might be a little too pervasive.

Yes, that came from forgetting to increment the index one too many times ;)
One fairly non-impactful way to do it would be to just add instance methods
to Encdec (i.e., Encdec instances would maintain the buffer and index, and
read/write using the static Encdec methods).

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