[jcifs] JCIFS 0.9 Objectives

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Feb 12 03:15:22 GMT 2004

eglass1 at comcast.net said:
> 1) The Javadoc stuff.  This was kind of funky, and I wasn't entirely clear
> on
>    how to make it work as intended (the original version doesn't seem to
> work
>    properly with newer Ant versions).  This one just builds a vanilla
>    documentation set.

This is a bummer. I really liked the simplified documentation..

> 2) Carriage return/line feeds.  This converts text files to DOS-style for
> the
>    .zip, and Unix-style for the .tgz.  I think this was the intent in the
>    original as well, but it might need to be looked at to make sure it
> works
>    properly.

Looks like it works to me. I change the cr= attribute to eol="crlf" or
eol="lf". The cr attr was depricated.

Thanks for this. One thing off my list already. I'm cookin' with gas.

>> Generally clean, refactor, reduce, etc, etc, etc, ...
> One cleanup that could be done would be to pull out the writeInt2,
> writeInt4,
> etc. from ServerMessageBlock and put them in a public class (possibly in
> jcifs.util); that stuff is pretty much duplicated in the NTLM messages
> currently.

Yes, this is the kind of thing I'll be trying to normalize. I already
added the jcifs.util.Encdec class for this purpose.

On a related note, I like your Buffer.java technique in Jarapac and the
RAP code. I will look at exploring that closer but I didn't put it on the
list because it might be a little too pervasive.


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