[jcifs] Property Inconsistencies (Davenport)

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 10 16:28:11 GMT 2004

> I made the following updates to Davenport as per Julian's suggestions:
> - Removed Microsoft proprietary properties.
> - Does not return unknown timestamps (0 value)
> - Does not return unknown eTags.
> - Does not return a content length (where the resource is a Share)

Yes; I'm making similar changes, looking to do another release today or
tomorrow (currently fighting off illness).  I left the Microsoft props on;
some of them ("ishidden", for example) do have some meaning to some versions
of the Web Folders clients.  I may do a bit more research if they cause issues.

> These changes allow the web folder to open properly in my XP client.  It was
> in fact the getcontentlength property that 'broke' the client.

As indicated, the "getcontentlength" appears to be the biggest culprit; jCIFS
returns 0 for SmbFile.length() on directories, etc., but returns the total
share capacity for shares.  There was also a minor issue involving redirects
and directories not ending in "/".

Thanks to Julian for this analysis (I believe he was also the person that
identified the date formatting bug in the soon-to-be-short-lived 0.9.6


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