[jcifs] Status 59 in NetServerEnum2 response?

Eric eglass1 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 00:51:35 GMT 2004


Attached is the RAP stuff I've been tooling with (I went ahead and 
copied the list; I think it will fit under the size limit); this has 
implementations of:

NetGroupAdd -- Creates a global (domain) group on a DC
NetGroupDel -- Deletes a global group on a DC
NetGroupAddUser -- Adds a user to a global group on a DC
NetGroupDelUser -- Removes a user from a global group on a DC
NetGroupEnum -- Enumerates the global groups on a DC
NetGroupGetUsers -- Enumerates the members of a global group on a DC

NetServerEnum -- Enumerates servers in a domain/workgroup (reimplementation)
NetServerGetInfo -- Gets server information

NetShareAdd -- Adds a share to a server
NetShareDel -- Removes a share from a server
NetShareEnum -- Enumerates the shares on a server (reimplementation)

NetUserAdd -- Creates a domain or machine-local user
NetUserDel -- Deletes a domain or machine-local user
NetUserEnum -- Enumerates the users on a domain or machine
NetUserGetGroups -- Enumerates the global groups to which a user belongs
SamOemChangePassword -- Changes a user's password

There are also GroupUtilities, ServerUtilities, ShareUtilities, and 
UserUtilities classes which provide simplified versions of the primary 

Most of the group-related stuff needs to be run against a DC, as it only 
works with global domain groups rather than machine local; that requires 
RPC, from what I gather.  None of this has been tested extensively, so 
results may vary.  But I figured you might like to play with it; it's 
fairly interesting stuff.


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