[jcifs] Status 59 in NetServerEnum2 response?

Gary Rambo grambo at aventail.com
Thu Feb 5 22:00:03 GMT 2004


Jcifs is using ports 137/139, 139 for this exchange, and it's the status 
code in the RAP. Initially I thought it was W2K3 but it now appears to 
be a W2K server:

Windows 2000 server with service pack 4
Small business server 2000
DNS Services
Active directory
SBS is on a 15 user license

Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: netbios-ssn (139), Dst Port: 33082 (33082), Seq: 4187936874, Ack: 1344227611, Len: 68
NetBIOS Session Service
SMB (Server Message Block Protocol)
    SMB Header
        Server Component: SMB
        Response to: 4
        Time from request: 0.001246000 seconds
        SMB Command: Trans (0x25)
        Error Class: Success (0x00)
        Reserved: 00
        Error Code: No Error
        Flags: 0x98
        Flags2: 0x8001
        Process ID High: 0
        Signature: 0000000000000000
        Reserved: 0000
        Tree ID: 6151
        Process ID: 47034
        User ID: 14337
        Multiplex ID: 968
    Trans Response (0x25)
SMB Pipe Protocol
Microsoft Windows Lanman Remote API Protocol
    Function Code: NetServerEnum2 (104)
    Status: Unknown (59)
    Convert: 0
    Entry Count: 0



Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

>Is that the Status code in the SMB header or the RAP status code.
>there are two of them.)
>If the latter, and if the system you're talking to is W2K, please let me
>know what ports jCIFS is using.  I've recently had someone point out to
>that W2K and W2K3 won't handle some (any?) RAP calls on port 445.
>Chris -)-----
>On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 11:50:17PM -0800, Gary Rambo wrote:
>>I'm sending a NetServerEnum2 request (Domain Enum) to the first
>>that answers my __MSBROWSE__ NBNS broadcast. One server, which I think
>>is W2K3, returns a response with Entry Count zero and status 59.
>>59 is not covered in the list of NERR_ values in SmbException.java.
>>Does anyone know what status 59 means? Is there any way around it?

Gary Rambo
Aventail Corporation
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