[jcifs] Problem mkdirs with NtlmPasswordAuthentication

Peter Bos peter.bos at infoco.be
Wed Feb 4 10:29:41 GMT 2004


I'm having some problems creating new subfolders using the mkdirs()-method
from SmbFile. I'm using version 0.7.15 of jCifs.

I want to create a series of subfolders, but it throws a SmbAuthexception
when using the
NtlmPasswordAuthentication-class for creating a SmbFile

Code that doesn't work :

SmbFile tempLocationFile = new SmbFile("smb://sv00268/pbsm359$/idoc/temp",
new NtlmPasswordAuthentication("ADMIN", "pbsm359", "myPassw"));

if (!tempLocationFile.exists()) {



Code that does work :

SmbFile tempLocationFile = new

if (!tempLocationFile.exists()) {



When using the mkdir() method it works in both cases, but I have to write a
recursive method to make all the folders. I also want to continue working
with an NtlmPasswordAuthentication, because it's an easy way of
encapsulating the user and password.

Is this a known problem ? Does anyone have a solution ?



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