[jcifs] Re: Failed to access files on Samba server with path in Chinese

joller joller at intumit.com
Wed Dec 22 05:49:05 GMT 2004

Michael B Allen <mba2000 <at> ioplex.com> writes:
> Yes. The fix is solid.

    That's a really good news for me!
    Thanks for your help and patience.  :D

> >     In addition, if the client must specify encoding compatible with the
> > server,
> >     then it has to know the encoding.
> >     Is there any programmatic method to determine the encoding of the
> > server?
> The System property file.encoding is used to encode path names. I believe we
> determined that that was already set to Big5. So you do not need to set the
> encoding. Try it.
> Mike
    I meant, the user of the client program will ask to connect to some server
    and retrieve some files,
    But the servers the user can specify may not use the same encoding.
    Is there any better way than asking the user to specify the encoding?


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