[jcifs] CVS question

Ingo Rockel irockel at pironet-ndh.com
Thu Dec 16 09:06:38 GMT 2004

Michael B Allen schrieb:
> I was thinking about updating the jarapac CVS respository. If I simply do an
> 'update' will that leave all the old directories and files that have been
> removed? Also, 'update' does seem to add new files. What is the command to
> just sync everything up so the directory that I run the command in is
> replicated in CVS?
> Thanks,
> Mike
Only chance you have is to use "cvs import", the cmdline tool doesn't 
have something like a "sync", for a sync you would need some script 
using cvs add, cvs rm and cvs ci to sync your local stuff to the repository.



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