[jcifs] Re: Problems with implementing LsarLookupSids()

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Mon Dec 13 00:01:40 GMT 2004

Ralf Hartmann said:
> Hello Michael,
> ich have played around with CIFS today. I have implemeted
> NtQuerySecurityDesc
> using the JCIFS 1.1.4 source code. I have done the following:
> - extend SmbComTransaction to support SMB_COM_NT_TRANSACT (0xA0)
> - extend SmbComTransactionResponse to support SMB_COM_NT_TRANSACT (0xA0)
> - extend SmbComNTCreateAndX to support also given access masks
> - implement NTTransQuerySecDesc class for NT_TRANSACT_QUERY_SECURITY_DESC
>    requests
> - implement NTTransQuerySecDescResponse class for
> - extend SmbFile to provide getOwner()
> - implement classes for SID's and ACE's
> The extension in SmbComTransaction/SmbComTransactionResponse should be
> good
> enough to implement even more SMB_COM_NT_TRANSACT functions. I have not
> implemented SMB_COM_NT_TRANSACT_SECONDARY yet because i have currently no
> need
> for this and i do not know, how to test it.
> The NTTransQuerySecDescResponse supports owner, group, DACL and SACL, but
> i have
> not implemented methods for all in SmbFile.
> I have tested it with a W2K server and it works fine. So i want to ask
> you, if
> it could be possible, to take it into JCIFS. The first reason is, someone
> could
> find this usefull too. The second reason is, i have have no work to merge
> newer
> JCIFS versions with this extension ;-).

Yes! Please send it to me. If it's reasonably sane I'll include it. I will
not include it in 1.1 however as it is no longer being developed but there
I might be able to create a new jcifs-ext package based on 1.1 while we're
waiting for 2.0. We're definately going to need this stuff in 2.0.


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