[jcifs] Re: directory must end with '/'

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Thu Dec 9 09:18:07 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> ...
> I think (once again) that this is why HTTP creates the semantic
> distinction and adds the empty path segment (that is, the trailing slash)
> to a directory name.
> ...

Where do you get this impression from? As far as I can tell, RFC2616 
doesn't even have a defined concept for a directory. Why would it, as 
there are no RFC2616-methods for which it would make a difference?

If an existing HTTP server sends a redirect upon accessing a directory, 
that is an *implementation detail* (that's required to make relative 
references work). It has nothing to do with the protocol itself.

Some more pointers:

RFC2518 (<http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/rfc2518.html>) defines 
collections (and does *not* explicitly require trailing slashes on 

obsoletes RFC2396.

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