[jcifs] FW: Davenport Authentication Question

Mike McDonald Mike.McDonald at anywaregroup.com
Wed Dec 8 17:20:17 GMT 2004

I've done a little more testing with this, and it does not prompt for
authentication if I open the document via HTML view.  I only get the
authentication request when opening via DAV.  Also, if I edit the
web.xml and use 'smbdav.NoLockManagerFactory' as the
'smbdav.LockManagerFactory', everything works fine, but the file is
opened read-only.


Note:  I have normally been using 'smbdav.SmbLockManagerFactory' for
locking support.


Perhaps the client starts a new session?





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Hi list.  I have run into an interesting situation, and wanted to see if
anyone has experienced similar behavior.



- jCIFS 0.9.7

- Davenport 0.9.10

- Java 1.4.2_06B3

- Windows XP Client accessing Linux Samba Server

- HTTP Basic Authentication Only


When I first hit Davenport, I accessed the following URL:




As expected, the system prompts me for my username/password, and
displays the folder contents in HTML view.  I then clicked the link to
switch to WebFolders view, and the view was displayed properly.  I then
double-clicked a word document in that directory, which caused Davenport
to prompt me for Authentication credentials again.  I entered the same
credentials, and the document opened properly.


I've attached the log file from this activity.  The only thing that
appears out of place, is that when I attempt to open the file, Davenport
does not seem to detect the existing HTTP session.  Once I have opened a
single document, I am able to open any document in the folder without it
prompting me for credentials.


Any thoughts?








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