[jcifs] NTLM and Mozilla (works !)

Quentin DELANCE quentin.delance at aliacom.fr
Wed Dec 8 15:18:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I needed to install a SSO in a Windows network and found your project. 
It works great !

I only have one thing to say about online doc found here : 

It is said :

"Mozilla will always prompt the user for credentials (someone please 
notify us when/if this is not true anymore)."

But it is possible to change this behaviour (credentials prompted) :


All you have to do is to type about:config in mozilla/firefox, and add 
your site in key

So on client machines, the configuration is quite similar, you need to 
add your site both in IE (intranet zone) and mozilla (key above).

Is it possible to update the doc/the FAQ please (I am sure it will help 
some people...).

Many thanks,


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