[jcifs] apologies

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Dec 7 23:28:16 GMT 2004

O'Rourke, James said:
> on the server, when we call SMBSession.logon(), deep down in jcifs in
> the call:
> SmbComSessionSetupAndX.writeBytesWireFormat()
> we see the code:
>     accountName = auth.username.toUpperCase();
>     primaryDomain = auth.domain.toUpperCase();
> which is resulting in a situation where when the domain controller
> receives the authentication request, it results in a mismatch of the
> credentials as domain controller attempts to compute the hash based on
> uppercase domain. (incidentally, when we remove .toUpperCase() our
> problem goes away as expected).

OMG that's wrong. The username should not be upper case. I have another
similar bug regarding NOT upcasing the domain name when NTLMSSP is used
with LMv2.

I'll fix this and roll a new package asap.


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