[jcifs] No response from IE

Roland Knight rknight at conceptwave.com
Tue Dec 7 14:16:34 GMT 2004

We have the same issue on certain IE clients. The failure occurs at a client
site, and only for a certain user group on specific workstations (other
users on the same workstation work fine, and this user group on other
workstatation are also fine). Seems like a registry difference, but the
lmcompatibility registry entries are 0
Sec). The server (Tomcat in this case) receives only a single request from
the browser, after that NO further request is recevied. Haven't got a packet
trace yet, but it fails so early in the process that I'm not sure that will
provide much information. Any ideas?

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While using the NTLM HTTP Authentication provided by jCIFS, when I tried to
access through Mozila it asks for login/password and when the NT
login/password are provided the required page is displayed. But with the
same configuration when i try to access through IE there is no response.
Please suggest.


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