[jcifs] Exception: More data is available (GroupManagement.netGroupEnum())

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sun Dec 5 22:50:36 GMT 2004

Rob said:
> Michael,
> Thanks for the response!  Any rough ETA on when 2.0 will hit the streets?

Negative. Less than a year. I do all jcifs stuff at work and work comes
first so it's hard to tell.

Actually you can download jcifs-1.1.3, midlc-0.5.1, jarapac-0.3.7 and use
the jarapac/examples/TestSamr.java example. That has samrGetGroupsForUser
which will give you RIDs. Assuming you kwno what RIDs are and how to
write/compile the MIDL necessary to resolve them to names that might hold
you over for a while. I would do it for you but I already promised someone
I would look at winreg functions. But I'm always will to help if you post
your MIDL with a packet capture.


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