[jcifs] idlc-0.3.6 and libmba-0.8.10

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sat Aug 28 05:41:51 GMT 2004

I have released an updated libmba-0.8.10 that is required to build
cleanly with idlc. I also changed something that affected idlc so I'm
releasing a minor revision of that. So in all, to do RPCs you need:


This combo should build clean but haven't been through the whole edit,
run, debug cycle on Windows.

To actually explore RPC you need to build libmba, edit the idlc makefile
to point to that, build that, and then look at jarapac/examples. Run idlc
on jarapac/examples/idl/whatever.idl and make/make run the TestSamr.java,
TestLsarpc.java, etc.


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