[jcifs] idlc-0.3.0 released

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Aug 25 07:03:34 GMT 2004

I have placed idlc in the jCIFS download area. I think it's genuinely ready
to handle a decent range of IDL at this point. Certainly there will be
hiccups in the beginning but I don't expect any fundamental problems. It
will definately compile most Samba4 IDL (provided it has been de-PIDL-ized
:-). It would be nice if people could write Jarapac driver programs and
verify the calls interesting for jCIFS. It would be great to see
NetrSamLogon work. And of course we have verified NetrShareEnum works.
RegShutdown would be a great demo, it's easy, and I know I could genuinely
use it at work. Then of course there are the Samr RPCs for resolving SIDs
and domain names. Mmmm, are we interested in Lsar?


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