[jcifs] Weblogic 6.1 and jCifs failure on redeploy

carsten cad at halvotec.de
Thu Aug 19 07:47:19 GMT 2004


I'm running my application in a Weblogic 6.1 Sp 4 application Server. When I 
start Weblogic and the application will be deployed the first time, the ntlm 
authorisation and later the request to the domain controller for the groups, 
based on the authorized NtlmPasswordAuthentication works fine. When I redeploy 
the application the authorisation succeeds, but the request to the domain 
controller for the groups fails. The already connected SMBSession couldn't be 
found and jcifs-ext tries to connect 'anonymous' to the domain contoller, which 
is forbidden in our environment. 
What can be happened that the SMBSession couldn't be found after the redeploy 
of the application?

The second problem is more jcifs-ext specific. When I'm requesting the groups 
of the authorised user and one group has more than 20 characters the request 
get failed with result code 234 (more data available). Is it possible to get 
groups with more than 20 characters length?

thanks in advance 


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