[jcifs] No response to NTLM challenge: **SOLVED**

Steven.Durkin at scotland.gsi.gov.uk Steven.Durkin at scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Fri Aug 13 14:37:33 GMT 2004

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Thanks for sending on the source. I have applied it, though as you
suggested the patch does not fix the issue for NTLM2!

I appreciate am may be straying into M$ land now, though I am still
thinking about the patches that you sent previously: could you explain
the significance of the settings of the NtlmMinClientSec registry values
to me? (Or point me at a source?) The reason I ask is that we currently
have NtlmMinClientSec and NtlmMinServerSec set to 0x00080000, and I
would like to understand the implications of changing these to another
supported value. I haven't found the M$ site to be very helpful on this
- amazingly enough! ;)

The reason I ask is that I need to argue for setting these registry
entries to something other than NTLM2 in order to apply your patches in
production, and then all will be tickety-boo! Unfortunately I don't know
enough about it yet to put together a convincing argument. I hope you
don't mind my approaching you again on this; unfortunately you are the
only authoritative source that I have!


> Attached are patched versions of the TypeX messages to indicate
> support for 128- and 56-bit encryption; this would fix this issue for
> people who have registry settings indicating those as a requirement.
> It probably won't help your case though (as your box is requiring
> NTLM2).
> Support for handling the NTLM2 session response on the server side
> (i.e. in the filter) would require extended security support in jCIFS.
>  This is on the horizon, but not in the immediate future I'm afraid :(

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