[jcifs] Tridge's PIDL compiler and the Samba4 IDLs.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Thu Aug 12 06:44:52 GMT 2004

Mike, et. al.,

I've been through two presentations by Tridge regarding the IDL files in 
Samba4 and the PIDL compiler.  I am looking for someone who knows Perl and 
is interested in working with this stuff.

Here's why:
- The PIDL compiler is written in Perl.  It has a plugable back-end and a
  Java back-end piece could be written for it.

- The Samba Team are busy writing lots and *lots* of IDL code for MS-RPC 
  calls.  Many of the important ones are already done.

- PIDL understands an extended (and slightly unusual) IDL version.  It is
  *specifically tuned* to handle the oddities of MS-RPC, including
  providing a great deal of help regarding inconsistencies in such things 
  as string termination, substructure packing, etc.  This is an IDL 
  designed for MS-RPC interoperability.

So... Anyone interested in working on a Java back-end for PIDL?

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