[jcifs] cifs and rap

carsten cad at halvotec.de
Wed Aug 11 13:54:16 GMT 2004


I try to authenticate to a nt domain controller by using jcifs. After 
authentication I want to get the groups of authenticated user by using jcifs-
ext and the rap extension of it. The domain controller will authenticate the 
user, but when I try to get the user groups the domain controller will respond 
with a result of 5, which means that the user has insufficient privilege. Which 
privileges must be set at the domain controller to get access to the user 
groups? Why does the authentication on the controller will succeed whereas the 
netUserGetInfo request for the groups will fail? 
Does a log-file exist on the domain controller, which logs such logon attemps 
and where can I find it?

thanks in advance


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