[jcifs] nbtscan and mac addresses

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Aug 5 03:53:34 GMT 2004

Eric Glass said:

BTW the jcifs.util.Hexdump class is good for formatting hex values. E.g.:

>         byte[] mac = NbtAddress.getByName(args[0]).getMacAddress();
>         if (mac != null) {
              String hex = jcifs.util.Hexdump.toHexString(mac, 0, 6);
>             System.out.println();
>             System.out.println("MAC Address: 0x" + hex);
>         }

Also, note that a notation like 0x123456789abc not common for byte
sequences. In fact the only other place I've seen it is in your NTLM
documentation. I would have much rather seen hexdump notation in that
documentation like:

00000: 12 34 56 78 9a bc       |........|

> On a semi-related note, NbtAddress.getHostName() appears to return the
> "unclean" name (i.e., getHostName() returns "hostName.name" while
> toString() returns "hostName.toString()").  Didn't know if that was
> intentional or not.

What are example outputs of "unclean" names?


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