[jcifs] RapException

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at managesoft.com
Tue Aug 3 18:04:58 GMT 2004

>>Just using "MYDOMAIN" gives me an UnknownHostException as well
>>as using "MYDOMAIN-MGSFT-TEST" (not sure if there is such
>>a fully qualified name in the NetBIOS world at all. But I've
>>seen such syntax before)
>>Only using "MYDOMAIN.MGSFT.TEST" seems to connect to the machine.
> You should be able to connect via the DNS name (as you were doing
> previously); you just need to ask the server for the members of the
> NetBIOS domain (rather than the DNS).  This would look something like:
>     // connect to the server using the DNS domain name
>     ServerManagement mgmt =
>             new ServerManagement("mydomain.mgsft.test", auth);
>     // ask it for the members of the "MYDOMAIN" NetBIOS domain
>     ServerInfo[] info = mgmt.netServerEnum(1, ServerConstants.SV_TYPE_ALL,
>             "MYDOMAIN");
> If you aren't able to connect directly using "MYDOMAIN", the above
> should work (since your previous trace was able to connect to
> "mydomain.mgsft.test").

Hurray! :-)

That did it! Now it's working!!

So does that mean the dns should resolve
the mydomain? ...instead of only the fully
qualified mydomain.mgsft.test? IIUC this
should solve it as well...

Thanks for the help!!


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