[jcifs] Jcifs, connect localhost without a network connection, SmbException: Connection refused:connect

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Mon Apr 26 10:44:28 GMT 2004

Korbben Dallas said:
> How can i use Jcifs without any connection to the lan.
> it's works fine with smb://user:pwd@name_machine/ ...
> and a connection to the lan. But with 'localhost' or
> '' (on windows Xp), i've got a SmbException:
> Connection refused: connect (with or without a lan
> connection).

To conserve resources XP and 2000 (are you using a laptop?) will sometimes
disable networking on localhost if no network cable is detected. There
might be an option to keep networking up. Check networking and power
management options in Control Panel.


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