[jcifs] inconsistent NtlmHttpFilter behaviour

Anand Raman araman at sapient.com
Thu Apr 22 08:18:28 GMT 2004

Hi allen

Thanks for the response. 

       server os: debian woody
serlet container: tomcat 5.0.19 jdk 1.4
  client browser: Internet Explorer 6.0, windows 2000 professional
   jcifs version: 0.8.3

I do think it could be because of the smb signing thing which you
mentioned in the email. I have asked our infrastructure team for
clarifications if we are really using it. 

According to your suggestion I have even captured the tcp dump between
the client and the server and the server and the domain controller.
These are included in the 2 trace files. For some reason I haven't been
able to capture the same info in one single file. 

Do you see anything fishy going on in this dump. 

If the conclusion is that it has got to do with the timeout interval is
there a temporary patch or workaround possible (sorry haven't checked
the archive yet). 


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What is;

       server os:
serlet container:
  client browser:
   jcifs version:

Your packet captures do not contain any SMB traffic. One known problem
that if the server is using SMB signing (i.e. Win2k3 uses it by default)
it will successfully authenticate the first user but subsequent
authentications within the jcifs.smb.client.soTimeout period will fail.
are still speculating about how that should be fixed.

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