[jcifs] inconsistent NtlmHttpFilter behaviour

Anand Raman araman at sapient.com
Wed Apr 21 14:58:25 GMT 2004

Hi guys

I am observing inconsistent ntlm http filter behaviour. I have
configured a very simple application (reused examples) to use the
NtlmHttpFilter to authenticate all the incoming request to the web

The filter however behaves randomly and fails or succeeds at will. I
have attached the tcp dump output of 2 users (user1 and users2), from
the same machine trying to the authenticate to the remote host. Since
both the users are trying to login from the same machine both should be
using the same version of IE and also underlying windows operating

However the authentication result differs. One user (user1) gets is
transparently authenticated and the second user (user2) is shown the
dialog box which simply doesn't go away. I have ensured that the
credentials supplied to the box are correct. 

In some cases the user1 is shown the dialog popup and the user2 is
authenticated transparently. I am not sure why this is happening. All my
attempts to analyze the log files and interaction with the domain
controller have been in vain.

I will really appreciate if you guys have any insights into the problem.
Thanks for your time.


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