[jcifs] Problem with DFS - including attachement :-)

Rolf Breuning Rolf.Breuning at t-online.de
Wed Apr 14 12:03:03 GMT 2004

Thanks you,

the version you provided indeed solved my problems with DFS.

BTW: For my own purposes I would like to create an abstract file class. 
This should allow to use a common class "AbstractFile" (with 2 
subclasses) to access both local ( file:// ) and SMB ( smb:// ) files. 
It should have methods like:
    public abstract boolean exists() throws Exception;
    public abstract String getAbsolutePath() throws Exception;
    public abstract String getName() throws Exception;
    public abstract AbstractFile getChild( String path ) throws Exception;
    public abstract AbstractFile getParent() throws Exception;
    public abstract InputStream getInputStream() throws Exception ;
    public abstract long length() throws Exception;
    public abstract boolean isDirectory() throws Exception;
    public abstract boolean isFile() throws Exception;
    public abstract AbstractFile[] listFiles() throws Exception;

Is there already something out like that and I missed it ?

Or might this be a useful addition for the jcifs/util, in which case I 
could send the result to you ?

Kind regards

  Rolf Breuning

Michael B Allen schrieb:

>Rolf Breuning said:
>>The attached class shows, that the DFS information is in principle
>>correctly obtained. If I extract the DFS information I can easily build
>>a new SmbFile which allows the access. However the sendTransaction()
>>method seems not to be able to apply the DFS information correctely.
>>Special things:
>>- I do not use the global properties, the authentication is added to the
>>smb:// string
>>- The resolved DFS reference points to the same server as originally
>>accessed, but uses another share name:
>>  //server1/share1/dir1/dir2/   ->   //server1/share2/
>I desperately need to sleep so I will have to look at this later but there
>were some DFS problems identified. Try this:
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