[jcifs] trivial question

andrea.lanza at frameweb.it andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Tue Sep 23 23:41:21 EST 2003

A little and trivial question :

Does exist a method which returns the jcifs version ?

In example, I call this method and it returns something like "jcifs version
7.0.13" (build version ???)

This is way In my web application I am using obviously jcifs.jar, and this
jar is included in the Tomcat classpath ( do you
remember the old time ago discussion about impossibility of registering a
protocol handler "dinamycally" in Tomcat ?)
So every time I rename the jcifs-x.y.zz.jar to jcifs.jar and I put it in
the appropriate location on my web server.
Then it is not so easy (at least for me...) to know which jcifs version I
am using.

Thanks in advance,

Andrea Lanza

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