[jcifs] SMB Signing

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 6 05:06:52 EST 2003

The attached adds support for negotiating SMB MAC signing.  It works as follows:

1)  If SMB signing is required by the server, jCIFS will sign and verify.

2)  If SMB signing is *enabled* on the server, but not *required*, no 
signing/verifying will be negotiated by default.  This can be overridden by 
setting "jcifs.smb.signingPreferred" to "true".

3)  If SMB signing is not enabled on the server, no signing will be performed.

This should fix a lot of the issues involving connecting to Win2K3 servers 
(where signing is required by default).  Unfortunately, it won't 
fix "externally hashed" connections (i.e., created via HTTP NTLM 
authentication) where the password is not available to jCIFS.


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