[jcifs] JCIFS work with WIN 2000 domain server

Sandip Chattopadhya sandip at enkoo.com
Fri Oct 31 06:39:34 EST 2003

Thanks a lot to Michael and Christopher for all
the suggestions. We are going to try it out and
share the experience.


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On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 10:59:47PM -0800, Sandip Chattopadhya wrote:
> Thanks for the information.
> Is there a way to turn ON or OFF NetBIOS compatibility
> in a Win2K domain server with Active Directory ?

There is a check box in the W2K network configuration that enables NetBIOS
over TCP/IP.  If you turn it on, you should be able to do a node status
query using one of several tools.
  - the NodeStatus.java example from jCIFS
  - Microsoft's nbtstat command-line tool
  - the nmblookup program from Samba

If you can get a response from the W2K server, then NBT transport is 

The thing I don't know is what kind of authentication the W2K server will 
require.  Worth testing, I s'pose.

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