[jcifs] setReadOnly, setReadWrite, or setAttributes?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Oct 29 11:20:39 EST 2003

Anyone notice java.io.File.setReadOnly will set a file to read-only but
there's no way to remove read-only from a file? I suppose someone was
concerned with security issues on filesystems that do not provide the
concept of ownership. I don't think this will be acceptable for us...

I am thinking of one of three possible solutions;

1) Provide both setReadOnly and setReadWrite.

2) Change the signature of setReadOnly to:

   setReadOnly( boolean readonly );

where specifying false will remove read-only access.

3) Implement a more advanced set/getAttributes API such as:

static final int ATTR_ARCHIVE    = 0x020;
static final int ATTR_COMPRESSED = 0x800;
static final int ATTR_NORMAL     = 0x080;
static final int ATTR_HIDDEN     = 0x002;
static final int ATTR_READONLY   = 0x001;
static final int ATTR_TEMPORARY  = 0x100;
static final int ATTR_DIRECTORY  = 0x010;
static final int ATTR_SYSTEM     = 0x004;

public int getAttributes() throws SmbException;
public void setAttributes( int attrs ) throws SmbException;

Any opinions?


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performs rather than the physical world or a process because this
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