[jcifs] Re: [Davenport-general] A great tool!

eric.glass at comcast.net eric.glass at comcast.net
Mon Oct 27 20:32:28 EST 2003

> I just wanted to thank the developers..  Looking at the davenport code
> really gave me much better understanding of JCIFS, and I would highly
> recommend linking to it from jcifs.samba.org.  It was a great learning
> resource...
> I would like to take a swing at implementing something like davenport under
> another framework like Webwork or Turbine.  Are there any other tools like
> Davenport that use JCIFS that I should look at for ideas?
> Eric Pugh

The jCIFS examples give a pretty good broad introduction; the jCIFS mailing
list is also an excellent resource for questions and answers.  I'm forwarding
this on to that list as well, as someone there might be able to give you some
other ideas.  Anybody know of other open source projects using jCIFS?


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