[jcifs] lastModified issue

Carlos Neves patas at sueste.net
Fri Oct 24 19:26:27 EST 2003

Well, I can no longer reproduce it... So I'm rendering this thing as a
closed subject.

Serving as an excuse for bugging you people with unexisting issues, I
would just like to add that I lost most of the code related to the
problem and had to rewrite it. Sure thing I had all the ideas still
fresh in my mind, but of course I did not do it the exact same way I had
done it before, so chances are the bug was mine all along. I do think
this was not the case, as I did some debugging at the time and found
that the File.lastModified() was reporting right, and assuming I was
doing no harm to the value I got from jcifs... well, whatever, it's
working just fine, now!

Keep on the great work.

patas at sueste.net

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> Hello. I found that in a XP machine accessing lastModified() from File
> and from smb://localhost/ renders different times for the same file...

> Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

It does sound like a bug in jCIFS. Can you get a packet capture or at
least a -Dlog=ALL trace? Also, what version of jCIFS are you using?


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