[jcifs] jcifs-0.7.15 released

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Oct 23 17:15:35 EST 2003

BTW the jcifs.netbios.cachePolicy also has a significant effect on
loadBalancing behavior because even though a name query for a domain
controller can return a different server each time, those results are
still cached as usual. The NTLM HTTP code sets this property to 900. So
clients will authenticate against one domain controller for 10 minutes,
then the name will expire and a new domain controller address will be
retrieved triggering a new transport to be opened for new clients. It
would be nice if we could rotate through all of them evenly but let's see
how this works out. It might also be worth trying to set cachePolicy to
something low like 20 but anything lower than that will kill the WINS

Also, remember that if credentials are cached in the HTTP session properly
clients should not trigger authentication more than once.


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