[jcifs] NoClassDefFoundError Exception

James Fletcher fletcherj at lisd.net
Mon Oct 20 07:02:54 EST 2003

Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, it is not a classpath problem.  I am using jcifs within
a s1as7 web container which implements a java SecurityManager.  The code
at line 304 of SmbFile, which is 'Class.forName( "jcifs.Config" );' is
throwing the NoClassDefFoundError when the SecurityManager is enabled. 
Perhaps you can tell me what java permissions the jcifs package needs. 
I have temporarily solved the problem by disabling the SecurityManager. 
Any help in identifying the needed permissions would be helpful.

James Fletcher
fletcherj at lisd.net

>>> "Michael B Allen" <mba2000 at ioplex.com> 10/18/03 12:41PM >>>

> hello all,
> I am new to jcifs and I am tring to create a new SmbFile with:
> SmbFile aFile = new SmbFile( theSmb );
> Everything compiles fine, however when I run the code it returns a
> NoClassDefFoundError Exception.

When you run the 'java' command you will need to provide a 'classpath'.
UNIX you can just set the environment variable 'CLASSPATH' like:

$ export CLASSPATH=path/to/jcifs-0.7.14.jar:.
$ javac MyProgram.java
$ java MyProgram

There is a description of this in the README.txt file that comes with
jCIFS distribution package.

This is no different from any other Java application BTW.


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