[jcifs] Samba home shares - possible bug

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sat Oct 18 07:33:11 EST 2003

>> to get the list of shares on a Samba server, and I give it a username, I
>> will see the appropriate home share for that username in the returned
>> If I then make another call to list the shares on the same server but
with a
>> different username, I will see the old user's share along with the new
>> user's share.  Shouldn't this only show the new user's share?
> My educated guess would be that this is due to the fact that we multiplex
> multiple sessions over the same transport (although Mike or Chris would
> be able to elucidate further).

Right. Samba will display the shares of other users if the same transport
is used and jCIFS multiplexes traffic over transports wherever possible.
This issue has been raised before and I posted a message to
samba-technical about it but received no response.

This is another issue that could be avoided if we implemented the
jcifs.smb.client.ssnLimit modification I mentioned the other day. It would
be a waste of resources and technically this is a Samba issue but I don't
know if they consider it to be a problem at all considering dynamic home
shares is their invention so the ssnLimit change is probably the only way
around the problem.


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