[jcifs] a question concerning the calling hostname for authentification

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 11 03:09:01 EST 2003

> "jcifs.netbios.hostname" property is evaluated in the class NbtAdress in a
> static procedure. So that is the reason, why it is only evaluated once. But
> we have no idea, how the package could be used or patched, so that the
> calling hostname can be set dynamically.

This is similar to a question posed a few days ago (maybe from the same
person -- the list archive appears to be down for maintenance currently).  If I
understand correctly, users are allowed to login only from specific
workstations, as would be set like:


(I think that's what you're referring to anyways).  You want to change the
jcifs.netbios.hostname parameter dynamically, so that the presented hostname
matches one from the allowed set for the user (i.e.,

I don't think there's currently a way to do this (without modifying the
source).  The easiest way (if feasible) would be to add a predefined jCIFS
hostname to each user, then set that as the jcifs.netbios.hostname; i.e., you
would do:

Config.setProperty("jcifs.netbios.hostname", "JCIFS");

then set something like:


for each user.  This would, of course, be painful if you have several thousand
users to manage (although there may be some sort of policy setting; I'm not
terribly familiar with Windows administration, so there may very well be a
better way of doing this).  You could modify the source, but it would be
tricky to get it right; just setting the property dynamically probably
wouldn't do it, since you could get concurrent requests.  You'd probably need
to manage it at a lower level.  I'm not sure exactly what would be involved,
but I *think* this is at the NetBIOS level; if you wanted to change it for
each request, you might have to create a new connection to the SMB server for
each.  This would be a significant reworking (as currently we multiplex a lot
of stuff over a *single* connection to the SMB server).  Mike or Chris would
be able to give more insight if you really wanted to go this route.


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