[jcifs] RE: jCIFS corrupt files

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Oct 2 15:04:48 EST 2003

> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:

> What I mean is that the correct offsets (the ones I calculated) do add up
> properly.  The problem is that the actual offsets (the ones that were seen
> on the wire) were incorrect.  The error per packet was based on that 66
> byte
> formula I kobbled together.
> Anyway, the on-the-wire offsets sent from the jCIFS client were incorrect.

I don't understand. What was incorrect about them? If you look at one of
the NBSS Comtinuation Messages the nbt header it claims the nbt session
payload is 4993. Subtract 63 and you get 4930 which is what the
smb.data_length says. Where am I going wrong? AFAICT they look flawless.


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